Primeast facilitates performance improvement in the fields of Leadership, Organisational Development, and Teamwork. Some of the world’s most respected organisations trust us to deliver beyond expectations. They rely on us to align talent to their strategic purpose and to balance results with personal success. The outcome is sustainable performance improvement. Many clients work with Primeast over a number of years.

Leadership Create an effective, inspiring and resilient leadership team Organisational Development Achieve successful organisational transformation Teamwork Build focussed, energised and high performing teams

Making Emotional Intelligence a critical business success factor

Making Emotional Intelligence a critical business success factor. Novartis is a global healthcare company based in Switzerland that provides solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide.  Continue reading “Novartis Oncology” »

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Senior leadership alignment workshop

Supporting the development of purpose and vision. Established in 2003, our client offers credit cards for UK residents with a limited or uneven credit history, as well as a fixed rate bond service for savers.  Continue reading “A Financial Services Organisation” »

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Plant General Manager, Global chemicals company

I would say that [Primeast’s] project exceeded all our expectations and will have a long term impact on the commercial success of our company. I do not regret any of the resources in staff time and finance that were expended reaching where we are now, fantastic improvement against the background of acquisition of an SME by a Multinational, remote location, internationalisation with local, German and Norwegian cultural adjustments and challenges.

Who we do it for

Primeast works with some of the world’s largest and most respected organisations across a wide range of recognised industries.

Russell Evans

Who we are

Russell Evans, Managing Director and CEO

Russell leads the Primeast family of 25 core employees and 100 associate consultants, facilitators and coaches currently based in 46 countries around the globe. His previous experience as a trouble shooter in the highly pressurised commercial retail environment is pivotal in his position as MD. Russell successfully manages and celebrates a diverse team, rich both in cultures and perspectives.

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Global Reach

Wherever your business is, so are we. Primeast have a wide network of trusted facilitators and coaches around the world who are sensitive to the regional and corporate cultures in which they serve our clients. This makes us the perfect partner for organisations with a global reach who value local knowledge. Last year alone Primeast delivered in six languages for clients in eleven industry sectors across forty countries.

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Purposeful Talent Management
Purposeful Talent Management

The whole of chapter eight in “Designing the Purposeful Organization, how to inspire business performance beyond boundaries” is devoted to Talent Management.  Amongst other things, when it comes to developing a Purposeful Talent Management Strategy, we advocate an eight-step approach which is summarised below: Eight steps to purposeful talent management (summary): Direction – consider the direction […]

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USA: Stand Out! The Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues

Houston, Texas: NRG Center 10 -

USA: Stand Out!  The Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues

Martin Carver, Director and Head of Organisational Development at Primeast UK is running a session at 1.45pm on Friday May 12 2017: “When Cultures Collide and Using Values to Lead the Transformation” 

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