Primeast facilitates performance improvement in the fields of Leadership, Organisational Development, and Teamwork. Some of the world’s most respected organisations trust us to deliver beyond expectations. They rely on us to align talent to their strategic purpose and to balance results with personal success. The outcome is sustainable performance improvement. Many clients work with Primeast over a number of years.

Leadership Create an effective, inspiring and resilient leadership team Organisational Development Achieve successful organisational transformation Teamwork Build focussed, energised and high performing teams

Achieving a step-change in operational leadership by upskilling senior and mid-level leaders

Engaging and empowering senior managers to provide space for strategic action. Cape is an international leader in the provision of critical industrial services principally to the energy and natural resources sectors.

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Active Management Development Programme

Achieving a step-change in operational leadership by upskilling senior and mid-level leaders. As a leading communications infrastructure and media services company, Arqiva provide much of the infrastructure behind television, radio, satellite and wireless communications in the UK.  Continue reading “Arqiva” »

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Jen Usher, Academy Manager, UKAR

Primeast was able to rapidly mobilise to support the design of an event which not only helped us to understand the strengths and development needs of our entire management population, but to do so in a way that was engaging and challenging. They were able to use their existing understanding of our business alongside injecting their range of experience with other companies to ensure we got an effective, fit for purpose solution.

Who we do it for

Primeast works with some of the world’s largest and most respected organisations across a wide range of recognised industries.

Russell Evans

Who we are

Russell Evans, Managing Director and CEO

Russell leads the Primeast family of 25 core employees and 100 associate consultants, facilitators and coaches currently based in 46 countries around the globe. His previous experience as a trouble shooter in the highly pressurised commercial retail environment is pivotal in his position as MD. Russell successfully manages and celebrates a diverse team, rich both in cultures and perspectives.

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Global Reach

Wherever your business is, so are we. Primeast have a wide network of trusted facilitators and coaches around the world who are sensitive to the regional and corporate cultures in which they serve our clients. This makes us the perfect partner for organisations with a global reach who value local knowledge. Last year alone Primeast delivered in six languages for clients in eleven industry sectors across forty countries.

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Using mentoring effectively for young professionals
Using mentoring effectively for young professionals

Young professionals are the future leaders of enterprise, but in any profession, it is essential to ensure that those taking their first steps down the path of their career are given the right support and guidance to be successful. Here’s where the power of mentoring can make all the difference, with young professionals able to […]

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UK: North East Talent Forum: Finding Hidden Talent in Hidden Places

Quorum Business Park, Newcastle, UK -

UK:  North East Talent Forum: Finding Hidden Talent in Hidden Places

Does your organisation have one burning talent challenge? How much would you value, or even pay, for the advice of experts within your profession to help you with this? All Primeast Talent Forum will cost is 3 hours of your time!

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