UK: North Yorkshire Association for Coaching Co-Coaching Forum

Harrogate, UK -

The forum welcomes experienced, apprentice and aspiring coaches, and is designed to promote and share best practice, both within the forum itself, and within the wider context of our work with individuals and organisations. Our forum provides an opportunity to develop our learning and practice our coaching – try new ways of working or work on something we want to improve.  All this in a safe environment with the support of other coaches who provide valuable feedback and support.

Our December session is your choice, it’s almost Christmas! What book, resource, course, model, topic is the best gift you have received to assist you in your coaching practice or what gift would you choose to receive? This will be a sharing event and social with festive refreshments, followed by our co-coaching triads.

The group has a wide range of membership working in very different settings and with a diverse range of clients. Meetings commence at 18.00hrs with a friendly mingle and light refreshments. At 18.30hrs we gather together for an hour of learning and exploration of coaching related topics. The last hour and a half is our coaching practice time when we work in triads taking turns as coach, coachee and observer. We finish the evening with a brief review.

Venue: Primeast Global Headquarters, 5 Greengate, Cardale Park, Harrogate, HG3 1GY – 6.00pm to 9.00pm

For more information, please go to the A4C Co-coaching Groups page, or contact the forum facilitator: Julia Pallant (+44 (0)7751 505005)