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Smoothing the process of M&A activities

Merger and acquisition (M&A) activities can place considerable stress upon the organisations involved. It is therefore essential for leaders on both sides of the M&A ‘equation’ to be proactive in the manner in which they go about bringing their businesses together to form a new, cohesive whole. The issues that are faced during what is a […]

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We could all benefit from the power of generative listening

The benefit of listening is something that every leader worth their salt will appreciate and understand; however, while many will believe they are excellent listeners, the truth of the matter is that unless they are aware of generative listening, they could be missing the boat. What is generative listening and why is it so important? […]

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It’s all about tech, but companies must remember humans make it work

The growing use of technology in Human Resources (HR) is one of those developments that many organisations might have overlooked in years gone by, but no longer. It was recently my pleasure to attend the disruptHR space during HRTechWorld Paris in the company of James Anderson of employee feedback platform Peachy Mondays, and the event […]

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Is it ever appropriate for a coach to ‘tell’?

The world of business can be a complicated place and therefore leaders will often turn to a coach to help formalise their thinking and find new insights into strategies and approaches to their work. It is a privileged position that the coach therefore holds, with the ability to potentially influence, help (or hinder) the future […]

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Bolstering mental toughness: A How-to Guide

Mental toughness is a key attribute in enabling staff to cope effectively with change and enhances their ability to successfully complete their daily duties with confidence and focus. It is an essential factor in delivering enhanced performance for teams, departments and organisations as a whole, with a strong level of mental fortitude coupled with high […]

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Manufacturing and the major issues faced by the industry in a VUCA world

The business world has changed dramatically in recent years, with many industries now having to contend with instability in the global financial climate and a series of other issues that mean they can no longer be complacent about future prosperity and performance. And, these conditions are unlikely to get any more stable

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Being authentic everyday

I was recently asked to host a webinar for the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) on this topic, referencing the material discussed in my recent book “Designing the Purposeful Organization –how to inspire business performance beyond boundaries” (DPO)

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Organisational resilience and the importance of mental toughness

Change is an inevitable factor of doing business in the modern world, with the fast-paced nature of many industries meaning those organisations that fail to keep up are often left behind. It is therefore important that businesses are able to cope effectively with the need to innovate and adapt

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The employee engagement survey is dead; long live continuous dialogue!

Understanding and harnessing employee engagement is something that has challenged organisations and their leaders for decades.

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Complex industry and creativity: Do they mix?

As industry becomes increasingly complex, with sectors like technology, oil exploration and pharmaceuticals requiring rigour, knowledge and effective processes in order to develop and produce new products and services, there is an increasing need to ensure creativity does not get left behind

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The power of leader alignment

Purpose – moving from the mundane to the inspirational fuels performance. In “Designing the Purposeful Organization – how to inspire business performance beyond boundaries” (published by Kogan Page, 2015), I emphasise the need for leaders and others in an organization to align themselves to a purpose that is meaningful and inspirational to all stakeholders. 

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Top tips for executing innovation in the pharma industry

Research has shown that pharmaceutical companies that deliver strategic investment in commercial innovation and ensure this is aligned with a culture of execution are able to create positive results.

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