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Developing Your Personal Flag: Self-discovery for the authentic leader

We all have a purpose in life; of that, I’m sure. However, realizing what that purpose is and understanding how it can be a driving force to fulfill our goals and expand our ways of thinking is something that can be easier said than done. Self-awareness and inner discovery can be the building blocks for […]

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Moving beyond the VUCA challenges: Adopting VUCAR attitudes and behaviours

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) – these are the watchwords that business leaders have come to see as typifying the state of global commerce in recent years. For many, there has been considerable focus on asking how best we can contend with these factors in effective business planning and execution for the future, all […]

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What if everyone was a leader? Part 4: Empowering change in company culture

The distributed leadership model of corporate culture continues to attract a growing following among businesses actively working to support a wider uptake of individual responsibility and enhanced performance in their teams. We’ve seen in recent articles how this is now the case; but here, in this final instalment in our four-part series on the subject, […]

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Book Review: “Presence – Bringing your boldest self to your biggest challenges” – Amy Cuddy (Orion Publishing 2016)

AA Milne once wrote that “you’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”. This applies brilliantly to Cuddy’s fascinating, engaging and enlightening book. You may have already heard of the author,

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Don’t Just Be an Order Taker: Effective Training Needs Assessments

As a learning designer, there are times when you are given an order for a training solution. It can, however, be dangerous to rush in and accept the order as the correct one before identifying the real causes and needs. Read my article on to learn how your data and analysis can still be […]

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What if everyone was a leader? Part 3: Supporting individual performance

Our series exploring the changing landscape of business leadership, and the emergence of distributed leadership as an effective model to enhance performance, continues in this latest instalment.

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Leadership and the emerging future: Interview with Good Energy CEO, Juliet Davenport

Clive Wilson interviews Juliet Davenport of Good Energy at the company’s Chippenham headquarters, asking her about what inspires her in the work she does.

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What if everyone was a leader? Part 2: Understanding distributed leadership

We recently posed the question to our readers of what might happen if businesses supported a wider uptake of leadership responsibilities at every level of their organisation in our previous article ‘what if everyone was a leader?’ Now, in this – the second instalment in our series devoted to explaining and demystifying the uptake of distributed […]

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Book Review: “Pivoting – a coach’s guide to igniting substantial change” – Ann L. Clancy & Jacqueline Binkert (Palgrave MacMillan, 2017)

As I worked my way through this book, I felt a growing sense of having embarked on a rich journey of discovery. It did not meet with my presupposition that it was going to be a ‘how to’ manual on artful coaching. Yes, it plays the role of a powerful and practical guide on improving […]

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What if everyone was a leader? Part 1

Leadership is a hot topic for many businesses, but what are the implications of placing the responsibility of leadership on just a few individuals? For years the idea of developing a workforce has centred on teaching formal leaders to lead and then providing other employees with functional skills to do their job better and more […]

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Achieving successful culture change and improved performance – our top seven tips

There have been several studies on the link between culture and performance.  Most cited is probably the one documented in a twelve-year US study by Kotter and Heskett and published in “Corporate Culture and Performance” (Free Press; Reprint edition: 1 May 2011).  Primeast also publishes several case studies online, such as this one in the […]

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The impact of unconscious bias

Whilst we would like to think we are fair, broad-minded and unbiased, everyone is influenced by thoughts and feelings that reside in our unconscious and which impact on our everyday thinking and behaviour – and at work, on our performance and decision making.  Generally, biases are helpful and adaptive because they enable us to make […]

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