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Our client portfolio speaks for itself – some of the world’s most
notable organisations have trusted us to work with them over many years.

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ILM Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring programme increases employee satisfaction beyond expectations and delivers savings over £700k

Australian company, the Computershare Group was appointed to service the mortgages book of UK Asset Resolution (UKAR) and the acquisition of HML in 2014. One of Melbourne’s first start-up technology companies, Computershare was founded in 1978 to provide computer services to businesses that needed to automate processes. Computershare commenced trading in the UK in 1995 and within 10 years had a presence in 10 overseas markets.

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ILM Level 5 Coaching for mid to senior level managers

"The challenges we face as a business are in many ways unique and require strong leadership to ensure our future success. UKAR is the holding company established to bring together the UK government-owned businesses of Bradford & Bingley plc (B&B) and NRAM plc.  This combined financial services organisation supports around 467,000 customers with £61.2 billion of loans, with some 2,150 geographically dispersed employees.

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Neli Boyanova, Senior Director, Clinical Development, Actelion

Personally I value the professionalism of the Primeast Coach. The individual, personal approach and the human being behind the professional matters to me most. He focused on advancing me based on my strengths and potential, he was curious to ask questions below the surface, and challenged me quite a lot.

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Primeast works with some of the world’s largest and most respected organisations across a wide range of recognised industries.

Martin Carver

Who we are

Martin Carver, Director, Head of Organisational Development

Martin is committed to developing sustainable success for both organisations and individuals, through genuine collaboration and an understanding of complex client needs. As a consultant, facilitator, speaker and executive coach, he has experience of senior management roles across a variety of sectors globally.

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Global Reach

Wherever your business is, so are we. Primeast have a wide network of trusted facilitators and coaches around the world who are sensitive to the regional and corporate cultures in which they serve our clients. This makes us the perfect partner for organisations with a global reach who value local knowledge. Last year alone Primeast delivered in six languages for clients in eleven industry sectors across forty countries.

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Book Review: “Will it make the boat go faster?” Hunt-Davis & Beveridge (Troubadour 2011)
Book Review:  “Will it make the boat go faster?”  Hunt-Davis & Beveridge (Troubadour 2011)

Uh-oh: another book written by a sportsperson  about defeating the odds after a career of almost winning.  In this case, Ben Hunt-Davis, a British Olympic champion in rowing’s coxed 8’s in the Sydney Olympics of 2000.  Surely this can add nothing to the saturated world of the published ‘bon-mots’ and tired homilies that follow major […]

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UK: North East Talent Forum – “How to equip managers to think and lead more strategically in a fast-paced manufacturing environment”

Formica Group, North Shields -

UK: North East Talent Forum – “How to equip managers to think and lead more strategically in a fast-paced manufacturing environment”

How much would you value, or even pay, for the advice of experts within your profession to help with your burning talent challenges? How about 3 hours of your time to join a Primeast Talent Forum?  Following the launch of their £40m investment plan at their new European manufacturing HQ in North Shields earlier this […]

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How do you apply transformational thinking for effective change? @pe_martin shows how Theory U can help #leadership