Culture, diversity and leadership – Harnessing our collective power

David Evans, Head of Primeast Consulting, and Doug Elliott, Primeast Facilitator and Coach, were delighted to be a part of the ASCL Annual Conference on 21 November 2019 in Cardiff.

David and Doug led a leadership session focusing on the importance of values and vision in the creation of an engaged leadership team. They also shared learning on how to harness the talent and passion of dedicated school and college leaders for the greater common interest of colleagues, students and the wider community.

If you attended the workshop, here’s an opportunity to feed back your thoughts around the concepts discussed.

In addition, you can explore some of the leadership tools which were used in the session by downloading our Free Guide to the Barrett Values CTT (Cultural Transformation Tools) framework.

Barrett Values – Developing Values-based Leadership

Our Free Guide explains how the framework can be used in a learning and development context to support the creation of a thriving values-driven company culture.

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Let’s talk about values

If you attended the Primeast session at the Conference on 21 November in Cardiff, we’d love to find out more about how you feel values-driven leadership might support you in your current challenges.

Click the button to record your feedback and thoughts about values-driven leadership and to record the commitment you made on the day to explore values in the education context.

Senior Leadership Immersion Programme, Google gTech

Described by the client as “an incredible, life changing, career defining program for us. Feedback from every single one of my leadership team is simply incredible. We were touched, excited, tired, inspired all at the same time.”