Values based EMEA team building and leadership development drives accountability

Examining how culture, structure and processes need to evolve in order to develop and maintain what is “special” about the organisation. Capitalized on the NASDAQ at over US$ 50bn, our client is a significant global player in the pharmaceutical sector generating revenues in excess of US$ 9bn annually.

Our client wants to deliver truly innovative and life-changing drugs for patients. Its mission is to build a major global biopharmaceutical corporation while focusing on the discovery, development and commercialisation of products for the treatment of cancer and other severe, immune, inflammatory conditions. One of their guiding principles is a total commitment to patient support. They put patients first with industry-leading programmes that provide information, support and access to their innovative therapies.

Our direct clients for this work were the EMEA Head of their newest Business Unit and the Senior Director for Talent, Leadership, Organisation Development & Effectiveness in EMEA and APAC.

The Brief

The client’s EMEA HR Team had done a lot of work at corporate level to ensure achievement of their ambitious 2020 vision. One of the elements of this involved examining how its culture, structure and processes would need to evolve in order to develop and maintain what is “special” about the organisation and be ready to face the opportunities and challenges for the future. A cross-functional taskforce was created to focus on this specifically.

A recent employee survey had indicated some distance between the company’s espoused values and the view expressed by employees in some groups. Recognising this gap led to an emerging focus on strategic alignment.  By understanding the values and behaviours that are truly in play when the organisation is “working well”, our client’s leaders and its organisational designers would be able to take steps to promote them and build them into all their people strategies, including learning and development.

Furthermore, this understanding would offer opportunities to develop targeted leadership development to help specific leaders to see what was working locally and what wasn’t.

Our Solution

Primeast worked with the client’s culture taskforce and determined that a values analysis would add richness to the information gleaned from the employee survey.  This identified values which would support achievement of the 2020 vision so that they could be embedded into everyday practice – the culture.  There was also a requirement to provide specific guidance on key leadership behaviours to senior departmental and regional heads, responsible for future success. Working initially with a sample of about 100 people, we conducted a number of Barrett Values Centre values surveys which resulted in a summary for 8 EMEA teams.

Working with the EMEA HR team, Primeast helped the team leaders to understand the values analysis, enabling them to appreciate “what this means for me, as a business leader”.   We provided personal coaching to support them in developing an action plan to address specific issues.

Another values analysis exercise took place at the European General Managers forum to help identify the behaviours that are likely to lead to the region’s future success.  Primeast administrated and fed back the survey which  supported the understanding of the current culture and the behaviour-shift that would be required to achieve their ambitious plans.

The Results

Our client has made a tangible commitment in time to understand its current and desired culture. It has held a number of workshops to develop strategies for achieving the desired culture in which it can deliver its ambitious targets.  It is now giving particular focus to a key output from the values analysis: the implications and benefits of driving greater accountability in its business.

From an organisational perspective, the values analysis and subsequent interpretations and coaching have created an even more open and collaborative working environment.  It has also developed a keen sense of how things get done, as well as an understanding of what needs to be done. This has generated a greater feeling of oneness in teams that are dispersed, spending much of their teaming time virtually.

Senior Director for Talent, Leadership, Organisation Development & Effectiveness in EMEA and APAC, Global pharmaceutical company

It was a great platform for a conversation; to springboard the conversations within teams. Without this data, we would have struggled to hold the relevant conversation around the big themes.