ILM Level 5 Coaching & Mentoring programme increases employee satisfaction beyond expectations and delivers savings over £700k

Australian company, the Computershare Group was appointed to service the mortgages book of UK Asset Resolution (UKAR) and the acquisition of HML in 2014.  They brought their mortgage servicing businesses under one UK Loan Services umbrella to create an even stronger business – Computershare Loan Service (CLS).  Computershare has 16,000 employees worldwide with 2,500 in the UK.

One of Melbourne’s first start-up technology companies, Computershare was founded in 1978 to provide computer services to businesses that needed to automate processes.  It progressed to providing specialist computer bureau services to Australian share registrars. They continued to develop best in class technology that minimised risk, reduced cost and simplified processes for their clients and their customers.

Computershare commenced trading in the UK in 1995 and within 10 years had a presence in 10 overseas markets.

The Brief

As an ILM accredited centre, Primeast delivered ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring (C&M) for UKAR in 2014.  When Computershare acquired UKAR’s operations in 2016 the decision was made to continue as it is a fundamental part of the learning and development strategy and the programme played an excellent role in:

  • Providing coaching and mentoring for colleagues’ career development
  • Developing a continuous improvement ethos
  • Reducing dependency on external coaches and mentors by providing a cost effective internal alternative.

In 2017, the C&M community was re-framed to align with CLS’s new strategic focus of growing talent, developing strong successors and supporting colleagues to manage their own career paths.

Our Solution

Our client now has 15 ILM Level 5 qualified coaches who continue to develop their capabilities.  Staying within ILM guidelines, our programme incorporates seven 1-day modules including:

  • Formal learning led by highly-experienced coaches
  • Self-Assessment against core coaching capabilities
  • Group and Co-coaching practice
  • Facilitated peer supervision
  • Action learning sets
  • ROI / ROE metrics management

Evaluation is by ongoing informal supervisor assessment, completion of three ILM written assignments and delivery of formal presentations to senior managers.  A Community of Practice has also been established.

The Result

These are the tracked benefits enjoyed by Computershare and UKAR to date:

  1. All coaches successfully completed their Level 5 award
  2. Delivery of 99 internal coaching relationships since 2014, resulting in direct savings of approximately £300,000
  3. Realisation of employee potential as a direct result of C&M relationships, with recruitment and back fill cost savings of  around £60,000
  4. Employee engagement scores exceeded expectations at 86.25% against a target of 75%

Each coaching relationship has produced specific organisational performance benefits, here are some examples of ROI: