Positive Mental Health at Work is a Critical Part of Creating an Outstanding Workplace

Everybody has a responsibility to take care of each other at work, to nurture talent and to support our colleagues – we know it’s the right thing to do.  Primeast has chosen Headtorch as its specialist Mental Health partner providing expertise and resources.

Why prioritise Mental Health at Work?

The Ethical Case – it’s the right thing to do

Employers that prioritise and support mental health across their organisation:

  • Ensure high engagement levels
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce absence
  • Retain talent
  • Create a positive business reputation
  • Attract talent

It should be no surprise that companies that are listed as the “Best Places to Work” also tend to be the most profitable with high growth levels and stock performance (ref. Fortune Magazine).

The Thriving at Work report was published in October 2017.  This government-commissioned review details the benefits that can be realised through developing a positive mental health culture.  Read it here.

The Business Case – there are proven results and financial returns for positive mental health at work

  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) estimate that for an organisation with 1,000 employees, the cost of mental ill-health at work is £835,000 a year
  • How much is it costing your organisation?
  • In November 2017, The Lancet published a study from the University of New South Wales that found for every £1 that was spent on mental health at work, the return is £9.98 *

By choosing the combination of Primeast and Headtorch you’ll benefit from our experience in experiential applied learning and organisational transformation together with proven methodologies for improving mental health at work.

What is our approach?

Primeast strongly recommends that our clients include mental health at work as a part of any cultural transformation programme.

  • Highlight the proven link from many studies that links organisational health with mental health
  • De-mystify mental health and how it enables positive culture
  • Increase awareness & understanding for leaders and employees
  • Make compliance understandable
  • Help establish a common language and way of doing things
  • Create clarity
  • Improve communication

How do we do this?

Headtorch developed proactive solutions in collaboration with the University of Glasgow.  As a licensed partner of Headtorch Primeast can offer these products and services as part of a cultural transformation or leadership development programme:

Strategy session for senior leaders and influencers, covering the business, legal and ethical cases for taking action on mental health at work

A practical learning and development session for line managers to become confident in mental health at work

A blended learning package combining dramatic on-line content with face to face discussion groups, developed in collaboration with the Psychology Department at The University of Glasgow

Learning and development for front line and shop floor staff. It gives an awareness of what mental health is, what it’s not, the first steps in spotting signs and having sensitive conversations.

If you are interested in improving mental health in your organisation, either as a standalone initiative or as part of a wider transformation programme get in touch with Primeast.  Gary Edwards and David Evans look forward to hearing from you.

Gary Edwards,
Consultant & Director, Primeast
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David Evans,
Head of Organisational Consulting, Primeast
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