Improve your organisations’ negotiation and conflict management outcomes with an accredited programme from the authors of ‘Getting to Yes’ and ‘Difficult Conversations’

Through our alliance with Vantage Partners, Primeast can provide accredited Vantage programmes across Europe.

These can either be delivered as standalone interventions or integrated as modules into a wider programme for developing your leaders and leadership teams.

By choosing the combination of Primeast and Vantage you’ll benefit from our experience in experiential applied learning and proven, world class methodologies for negotiation and conflict management.



  • Why and how to systematically prepare for negotiations
  • The power of positioning; Negotiating less reactively and more strategically
  • Diagnosing and responding to difficult tactics
  • Uncovering and employing multiple forms of constructive leverage
  • Being assertive without being adversarial and collaborative without being naïve

Conflict Management


  • The Inevitability of conflict
  • How to transform differences, and the conflicts they produce, from a liability to a source of learning and innovation
  • Managing conflict over goals, strategies, perspectives, and ways of working how
  • Best practices for effective issue escalation
  • Navigating the emotional dimension of conflict
  • Collaborating in the face of disagreement while building stronger relationships at the same time

Primeast have been Vantage Partners European delivery partners for a number of years.  Based in Boston Massachusetts in the USA, Vantage Partners specialise in helping companies innovate more quickly, execute with greater discipline, and collaborate more effectively, for sustained impact and growth. The firm is a commercial spinoff of the famous Negotiation Project at Harvard Law School and was founded by 2 authors of the well-known books ‘Getting to Yes’ and ‘Difficult Conversations’.

If you are a European business interested in building the capability to negotiate more effectively and to deal with conflict in your organisation, start a conversation with Russell Evans, our Vantage accredited senior consultant:

Russell Evans, Primeast Managing Director & CEO
Call him on +44 (0)1423 531083