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Culture can be summarised as “the way things get done around here” – it describes the way in which people interact – with each other, their stakeholders and the wider community.

A thriving values-driven company culture drives sustainable success.

It is the self-perpetuating collection of shared beliefs, values, knowledge, methods procedures and rituals shared by any group of people: it is the agreed social framework within which groups of people function.

Primeast partnered with Barrett Values Centre™ (BVC) when Richard Barrett established his business in values-based leadership almost 20 years ago. We now have a number of global BVC certified consultants supporting clients by giving them the insights into the values of their employees, leaders and stakeholders.

These give a clear perspective on future actions needed to build and sustain a high performing, values-driven culture. We conduct values-based culture audits focussing on how to arrive at a better future, with a more engaged workforce.

Choose to work with Primeast BVC Certified Consultants and you’ll benefit from our experience in experiential applied learning and organisational transformation as well as the robust suite of BVC diagnostic tools that allow you to measure what seems unmeasurable.

People in the right place, doing the right things at the right time.

Developing and embedding a culture that reflects the values, behaviours and aspirations of the organisation’s members and the organisation’s overarching purpose and vision creates a working environment in which people feel able to;

  • bring their authentic selves to work
  • be the best of what they are
  • do what they do best, every day

The BVC Method™ –  7 Levels to better performance, part of the Cultural Transformation Tool suite

As Richard Barrett says: “Since the world we live in, particularly the business world, is becoming increasingly complex, chaotic, and unpredictable, values provide a more flexible mode of decision-making than beliefs.”

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