2020 North East Talent Forum – “Evolving a one-company culture that is fit for the future and consciously supports delivery of the purpose and vision.”

UK: Leighton, Houghton-le-Spring DH4 5RA -

How much would you value, or even pay, for the advice of experts within your profession to help with a burning talent challenge? How about 3 hours of your time to join a Primeast Talent Forum? 

Our hosts are James Bunting, CEO and Paula Jones, Head of People at Leighton and the challenge they bring is:

How do we evolve a one-company culture that is fit for the future?

Background:Leighton is a custom software provider whose vision is to become the North’s leading AWS custom software developer.  For 27 years we have built software to make money, save money, create efficiencies and solve problems.  The company has had several CEOs, each bringing their own style and preferences to company evolution.  Recent changes include our consultants sitting alongside customers to solve their business challenges and the development of a new product that supports new hires to be emotionally, physically and professionally integrated into the established culture and operations of their new employer.  With significant numbers of employees working so closely within client operations and adapting to their cultures, it is not surprising that the Leighton culture varies from site to site and team to team!

James and Paula , would like to take action to ensure that the company culture going forward consciously evolves to support the delivery of the Leighton purpose and vision.

How it works:  Clive Wilson from Primeast facilitates a small group of peers to explore the challenge through powerful questions from forum members, using an action learning set style.  The forum closes with a commitment to action and everyone else sharing their learning.  The Chatham House rule is applied.

Who is invited?  To ensure a high standard of dialogue is maintained, these complimentary knowledge sharing events are only open to those who hold appropriate corporate leadership, learning and development or HR positions.  With a maximum of 15 places available.

To secure your place: email Rachel Sorton-Hall here.

Venue: Leighton, Chase House, 4 Mandarin Rd, Houghton le Spring DH4 5RA

Date: Friday 7 February 2020, arrive 9.00am for a 9.30am start and finishing promptly at 12pm.

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