Webinar: The Future of Leadership Development by Clive Wilson

Webinar: 10.30 am (London, GMT) -

So much has been said of the complexity of globalisation, its effect on the workplace and especially on the demands put on our leaders. People in learning and development tend to be pretty familiar with the term “VUCA” (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) describing our modern world and many have been grappling with what this means in the context of leadership development. This webinar offers some reassurance and practical insights to those who are asked to be the architects of corporations in a constant state of flux.

Clive Wilson of Primeast is a guest presenter for this TMSDI webinar.  He will provide an overview of four critical aspects of leadership development for the future, drawing from his two books “Designing the Purposeful Organization” (Kogan Page, 2015) and “Designing the Purposeful World” (Routledge, 2018). There will be time for discussion to help determine what the emerging future means to you and what needs to be done to prepare the leaders you support in your work.


1) An understanding of the complexity and predictability of the emerging future

2) Clarity on four aspects of leadership development critical for corporate success

3) Your own most valuable action to prepare leaders for success in the emerging future

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