UK: North East Talent Forum “Making the North East the most progressive place to work in the UK”

UK: Muckle LLP, Newcastle -

We are delighted that our next North East Talent Forum will be hosted by Muckle LLP in Newcastle.  The law firm is seeking to frame its future as a forward-thinking employer and in turn to identify how to share its experience with other North East employers to help them prepare for the future world of work.

Read what Director of HR, Nicola Leyden has to say about this exciting challenge:

“Being a single office business with 150 employees has over the years given us a lot of benefits.  Our brand, culture and identity are strong – we all know each other and pull together as a team, having a clear common goal.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  So why are we asking you to help us as part of this Talent Forum?

One third of our workforce already works an agreed form of flexible working arrangement; our recently introduced agile working policy allows the majority of our employees to work up to 2 days a week from different working locations; and we are actively managing our premises to ensure that they work to their optimum for us and for our clients.  Our challenges relate to how, given our relative size and the highly competitive market for legal services, we balance the needs of our business with the needs of our employees, particularly as both of those sides of the equation become increasingly complex in future and the pace of change quickens.

How everyone learns:  Primeast Director, Clive Wilson facilitates the small group of peers to explore the challenge through powerful questions from forum members, using an action learning set style.  The forum will finish with Nicola making a commitment to action and everyone else sharing their learning.  The Chatham House rule applies.

Who is invited?  To ensure a high standard of dialogue is maintained, these complimentary knowledge sharing events are only open to those who hold appropriate corporate leadership, learning and development or HR positions.

How to book:  To request places, please contact Rachel Sorton-Hall at Primeast by email here.

Venue: Muckle LLP, Time Central, 32 Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4BF.

Date: Friday 11 January 2019, arrive at 9am and finish at 12 noon.

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