Have you seen the reviews? “Scaling Leadership” by Robert J Anderson & William A Adams (Wiley; 2019)

Primeast has a number of accredited Leadership Circle facilitators in Europe and we are keen to share ‘Scaling Leadership’ by Robert J Anderson and William A Adamson…..

“…I cannot recommend the book strongly enough – especially if you think you don’t need it!”
Jim Morris, President, Pixar Animation Studies

“….A must-read for all leaders, and those who help them!”
Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, Harvard University faculty and authors

Scaling Leadership

Leaders are evolving – but not fast enough. In an increasingly complicated, challenging and volatile world leaders must find more effective ways of operating to achieve sustainable growth.  They need to scale up their leadership capability and tap into the skills and capabilities of others for agility, innovation and growth.  It can be exciting, exhilarating and exhausting. Scaling Leadership offers a challenge to today’s leaders – to evolve your leadership at the pace needed to meet the demands of a constantly disrupted global environment – or fail.

Bob Anderson and Bill Adams explore the skills, mindset and maturity needed to survive and thrive, scaling new heights of personal transformation for leaders, teams and organisations.  Since their book ‘Mastering Leadership’  they have deepened their research, explored with fresh eyes the attributes of outstanding leaders and reinforced the framework for leadership effectiveness using the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP).  Using the profile and facilitated with professionally qualified coaches leaders are enlightened and exposed to help them understand themselves and the impact they have on others around them.  It puts the spotlight on inspiring creative behaviours that others can feel, engage, connect and embrace.  It also highlights those potentially limiting reactive behaviours that may get short term results but at a cost personally and organisationally.

At Primeast we embed many aspects of the Leadership Circle concepts into our inspiring leadership programmes and professional leadership coaching, particularly our Leader Development Core Programme “The Gift of Leadership”.  It is truly tansformational.

The challenge and vulnerability needed to transform is the essence of Otto Scharmer’s work on Theory U.  Taking leaders down the U, seeing with fresh eyes with an open mind, letting go of past behaviours, however successful, and being present to allow the emergence of new ways of working – with support and encouragement to make transformation sustainable.

We see a clear link to the work of Ron Heifetz on Adaptive Leadership seeking the expertise most-suited to make a particular decision.  It’s a different way of operating – the leader navigating the business environments, leading with empathy, learning through self-correction and reflection to create win-win solutions.

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