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Top 5 People Challenges of 2018: Positive company culture ‘can boost financial performance’

Kicking off our new series on the biggest challenges for leaders hoping to excel in people management this year, we’re looking at how organisations that develop a can-do, positive culture are set to be the ones to stand out from the crowd and deliver an outstanding financial performance in 2018. Overall, a growing body of […]

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Primeast boost automotive sector expertise with the acquisition of The Blue Water Partnership

We are delighted to announce that leadership and management development specialist The Blue Water Partnership has become the automotive division of Primeast. In the 17 years since their founding Blue Water (their new shortened title) has gained a strong reputation for success in the automotive industry.

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Leadership tips – What is facilitation and how to excel at it

There are many business leaders who may feel they have a good handle on what it means to be a skilled facilitator, having the experience of leading meetings, engaging with staff and generally being key decision-makers that like to get things done. However, when it comes to appreciating the nuanced role of the facilitator, and […]

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The Power of My Why: Women in Nuclear UK 2018 Conference

Taking place at the end of January, it gives me great pleasure to be attending the upcoming Women in Nuclear UK 2018 Conference, which offers the chance to bring together more than 200 attendees to discuss some of the most pressing issues in corporate leadership. Building on the success of previous years, the conference theme […]

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Top tips for the coachee: How to get the most out of coaching

Coaching can be one of the most powerful tools for helping individuals to unlock their latent potential, and to deliver change within their own behaviour and across their business. It helps give clarity on what drives us to make decisions, and can unlock new insights that can make us more effective leaders. So, what should […]

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Book Review: “Will it make the boat go faster?” Hunt-Davis & Beveridge (Troubadour 2011)

Uh-oh: another book written by a sportsperson  about defeating the odds after a career of almost winning.  In this case, Ben Hunt-Davis, a British Olympic champion in rowing’s coxed 8’s in the Sydney Olympics of 2000.  Surely this can add nothing to the saturated world of the published ‘bon-mots’ and tired homilies that follow major […]

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Inspirational Leadership: using PrimeFocus to breathe life into high performance

The word inspiration is derived from the Latin verb inspirare meaning “to breathe into”.  When we inspire others, we literally breathe life into their actions, behaviours and performance. In Designing the Purposeful Organization – how to inspire business performance beyond boundaries, I affirm what we believe at Primeast: “Leaders see a better future and create […]

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Comfort, Stretch and Don’t Panic!

You and your team can apply Karl Rohnke’s comfort/stretch/panic model to your methods of working to understand what kind of learning, knowledge and value you are receiving from your day-to-day experiences at work and outside of work. It helps you recognize the physiological responses you might experience and what your body is telling you when […]

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The Management Apprentice – a UK learning revolution 90% funded by HMRC!

An exciting opportunity for smart employers in the UK to engage in a people development revolution arrived earlier this year in the unlikely form of apprenticeships.  Well unlikely to those of us who regarded apprenticeships as a development route for young people who needed an alternative to academia. Think of the broad concept of an […]

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“How to support talent to develop exceptional industry partnerships through our Industry Collaboration Zone?” Salford University’s Talent Forum challenge

Ranked as one of the world’s most international universities, Salford University hosted the Primeast North West Talent Forum in October.  It was a high energy event with excellent participation from HR and business leaders from organisations in the UK’s NW and Yorkshire regions. Julie Woosey, HR Business Partner and Jen Hinsley, ICZ Programme Manager jointly took […]

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Understanding global talent management in a competitive world

Tuning systems and processes to make sure they don’t impede talent-use and establishing a dynamic, supportive and inspiring culture is a key quest of modern leadership. However, managing talent pipelines within the global setting poses additional challenges to businesses operating in our interconnected world today. These organisations need to understand how international talent attraction strategies […]

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Inclusive Leadership: Why strategic direction and what we believe about diversity matter in a global marketplace

Following many years of engaging with HR leaders on progressive approaches to talent management, a simple but robust approach to keeping talent management strategy, focused, current and effective has evolved. It is defined in eight simple steps which are listed below and will then be discussed briefly with a focus on one particular strategic initiative of diversity […]

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