Talent Forum Yorkshire – Retaining professional high-calibre staff in fast-moving and demanding roles

How do you retain professional high-calibre staff in fast-moving and demanding roles?

At our January 2015 Yorkshire Talent Forum, Tracy Foley of Walker Morris LLP described how professional high-calibre staff in fast-moving and demanding roles enter the world of work having studied long and hard to become qualified, and continue to work hard during their early years of service. However, as their life demands broaden, many prefer more flexible and socially acceptable conditions that are counter to the prevailing culture, not just in their organisations but also in their wider sector.

“Whole-person friendly” approach

This was a lively forum, with many innovative contributions from forum members. There was a real sense that there is an opportunity for law firms and other professional service organisations to adopt more “whole-person friendly” and flexible employment arrangements, backed to similar “whole-person friendly” service agreements with clients who care about such matters. It was affirmed that law firms who embraced such progressive thinking would find it much easier to attract and retain high-calibre professionals, posing a real threat to those who don’t. We had three forum members from interested law-firms, and all were inspired to engage further with their partners.

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