The Primeast ‘Leadership Cycle’

The UCI World Championships are coming to Harrogate!

In September 2019 Primeast’s hometown of Harrogate in the UK will play host to the world’s cycling community when the UCI World Championships take place. The fun begins on Sunday 22nd September and runs for a full week culminating in the Elite Men’s race on Sunday 29th.

Like business, cycling is a team effort

It will be an amazing week for those of us who are cycling fans and we believe that the world of business has a lot to learn from these elite athletes.  Cycling is a team sport with a decisive road captain, valiant sprinter, multifaceted domestiques, an experienced director, visionary manager, coach, physio and chef all playing their parts – with the leader at the heart.

The Primeast Leadership Cycle

To take full advantage of this unique week in Yorkshire we are also hosting our own cycling event – The Leadership Cycle. It’s going to be a fun but challenging day out on our bikes, networking with other business leaders and exploring the beautiful countryside which surrounds us.

The Leadership Cycle is a play on words – Primeast has a number of ‘Leadership Circle Profile’ Certified Practitioners around the globe offering different language capabilities. This allows us to use the brilliant leadership diagnostic tool called The Leadership Circle™ to help leaders understand how they can become more effective.  Leadership Development is where Primeast’s passion lies and over the weeks leading up to our event, we will be posting a series of articles which explores the Leadership Circle, the competencies which effective leaders possess and the links between sport and business.  The Leadership Circle Profile is the only instrument that uses the Universal Model of Leadership to measure the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies.  Learn more about the Universal Model of Leadership here.

Here is a link to an article which introduces the Leadership Circle and my own personal experience of using the tool: Read: Leadership – circles within circles or a voyage of discovery?
I hope you enjoy it and encourage you to start a conversation!

Leadership – Circles within Circles, or a Voyage of Discovery?

By Sarah Cave – Head of Leadership at Primeast.  To start a conversation with Sarah about leadership development – or any other development opportunities your organisation faces – you can email her directly here.

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