Video interview: Clive Wilson & Jennifer Holloway discuss authenticity and the tension between personal and corporate values

I was delighted recently to share a conference platform with Jennifer Holloway, author of “Personal Branding for Brits”.  I was speaking on the future of leadership development and in our respective keynotes, we both touched on the immense role of values and behaviours in brand and corporate culture.  I really enjoyed listening to Jennifer at the conference and we subsequently began a conversation on the subject of authenticity and whether or not people should “go or stay” when they feel compromised or uncomfortable because of the clash between their values and the culture of their organisation.

We agreed that the topic is both complex and inspiring and wondered what others would think.  So we decided to re-run and extend the conversation at the Primeast office – pretty well unscripted and unrehearsed.  We hope you find the topic as interesting and as useful as we did.  And most importantly we hope you’ll share your thoughts with either or both of us.  We had great fun in the conversation – but (seriously) it is at the heart of one of the biggest challenges facing organisations in our complex world.

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