The leadership you need to succeed

Having an effective and engaged leadership team is possible when you create the right conditions for success.

Primeast has been helping to develop leaders from across the globe for almost three decades.

We combine professional and personal development to get the best out of people, ensuring leaders have both the skills and psychological maturity to take on the challenges found in the current VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) environment.

Using a variety of methodologies and tools, we work closely with individuals and teams to ensure they understand and take ownership of the purpose and vision of their business. This motivates them to inspire others and lays the foundations for sustainable high performance.

Leading in challenging times

What are you currently doing to create the next generation of leaders? Are you confident it’s enough?

At Primeast we recognise the challenges organisations are faced with when it comes to ensuring they have the leadership talent they need to take their business forward into the future. Indeed, the nature of leadership has changed over recent years and the authoritarian, often reactive and transactional approach to man-management is dead. To thrive, companies need to be able to draw on a leadership team that is capable of inspiring others, has a strategic mindset, is resilient and can build trust.

This all has to be done in the context of a work overload in many industries, which unfortunately often leads to task-focused and reactive leadership.

How can Primeast help?

Our refusal to take a one-size fits all approach and commitment to designing customised interventions means that whatever your problem, we can work with you to create a solution.

Challenges we’ve helped organisations overcome include:

  • Leading different generations and cultures
  • Managing virtual or remote teams
  • Dealing with organisational change
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Working effectively with others/collaboration
  • Engaging teams
  • Leading effectively in difficult times

Horizontal and vertical leadership

It’s important to focus on the holistic development of leaders and this is why we look at both horizontal and vertical leadership.

Horizontal development is about adding more skills, knowledge and competencies to an individual’s repertoire, while vertical development refers to building ‘thinking capabilities’ to ensure professionals can conceptualise, ideate and problem solve in more strategic, systematic and complex ways.


In order for leaders to think strategically, they need to be engaged with the bigger picture. However, many organisations often find their teams have their own agendas, aren’t aware of top level goals or aren’t bought into what the business is trying to achieve. This results in poor performance.

To change this, organisations need to ensure they have a compelling purpose and vision that is a reflection of the needs of all stakeholders. This principle is at the heart of our PrimeFocus model.

A simple yet powerful framework, PrimeFocus demonstrates how everything within an organisation, from values to processes, should exist to facilitate the achievement of an overarching purpose that is owned by everyone.

Primeast supports leaders in creating a purpose that everyone can believe in. We then help teams create the conditions for high performance.

Building a foundation for success

Ensuring you have a strategic, resilient and effective leadership team, capable of inspiring others and driving projects forward, is crucial for any organisation. Get it wrong and it becomes hard for everyone to perform.

From communicating purpose and vision, to creating the right processes and forming engaged teams, leaders are often the lynchpin around which everything revolves. Primeast recognises this and is committed to working with organisations to develop global leadership teams.

To learn more about how Primeast can help prepare your leaders for the future and help you achieve sustained performance, please contact us.

ILM Level 5 Coaching Learner, UKAR

“During the process I have been able to pass a Professional Qualification which I have not had the courage to attempt during my career at UKAR.”