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The Leader Challenge

Factors such as globalisation and geographical dispersal, networked technology, social media and a disrupted and unpredictable world put different pressures on leaders at all levels. Additionally, in the last 20 years academics and thought leaders have concluded that growing disruption and complexity means that traditional ‘hero leaders’ cannot maximise performance by using traditional approaches to leadership. This does not necessarily make them poor performers, it means that the environment in which they operate and the nature of the challenges they face are not being matched with appropriate leadership development.

“One of the great difficulties as you rise up through an organisation is that your prior competencies are exploded and broken apart by the territory you’ve been promoted into: the field of human identity.”

– David Whyte

How can leaders get the ‘upgrade’ of their internal operating system needed to develop the mindset required to cope?

Traditional leadership development has focused on growing skills and knowledge, building competency and widening the behavioural repertoire – essentially teaching leaders how to do more stuff – but not updating their operating system. Recent research, from several studies, suggests that this approach will not equip leaders to match the pace of environmental change and the challenges ahead.

This is ‘The Leadership Gap’.

The Leadership Gap Diagram

The same research also shows that the development of collective leadership capacity creates higher levels of adaptability and the ability to perform in volatile and unpredictable circumstances.

The Primeast Approach

Primeast Leadership Development focuses on 2 elements that meet current and future challenges.

  1. Leader Development concentrates on developing individuals to become successful, high impact leaders.
  2. Leadership Development focuses on enhancing the collective capacity of leadership teams to create appropriate organisational conditions to realise every performance opportunity.

Primeast Leader Development

Leader development centres on transforming an individual’s performance and impact. Using the Universal Leadership Model, the key focus areas are:

  • The internal operating system – moving from a ‘reacting’ to a ‘creating’ operating system
  • Self-Awareness
  • Positive personal leader impact
  • Maturity of thinking
  • The ability to deal with complexity

Two Structures of Mind
From ‘Problem – Reacting’ to ‘Outcome – Creating’

Problem – Reacting

Anxiety – Containing
“It” has me / “It” is managing me
Moving away from what I don’t want
Playing not to lose
Outside-in operating system

Outcome – Creating

Energy – Unleashing
I have “It” / I am managing “It”
Moving towards what matters most
Playing to win together
Inside-out operating system

Click to find out more about the Universal Leadership ModelClick to find out more about the Leadership Circle Profile

Primeast Leader Development is available through our configurable Core Programmes or through organisation specific Customised Programmes.

Leadership gap bridge

Primeast Leader Development Core Programmes

  • Leading Fundamentals – build awareness of preferences, styles and impact – of self and others
  • Raising Awareness – cultural awareness, unconscious bias and diversity and inclusion
  • Leading Yourself & Others – understanding your values, your leadership purpose and resilience, inspiring followership
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence – understanding EI and how it impacts leader effectiveness
  • Leading in Complexity – introduction to leading in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), systems thinking, the Cynefin System, building collective leadership strength
  • Fit to Lead – physical and mental wellbeing for leaders including stress management techniques
  • Leading with Purpose and Values – an in-depth examination of leadership purpose and values and an understanding of their leadership impact. This is a very personal development experience using Theory U
  • Leadership Immersion – an immersive experience examining leader impact and leadership; observing and engaging with inspirational leaders from other cultures, organisations or sectors; moving from leading with the head to leading with the heart.
  • The Gift of Leadership – The Leadership Circle Profile™ – based on psychological development, this is a truly transformational programme. Leaders gain a deep understanding of their leadership effectiveness to build and refine themselves to become the best they can be to drive organisational performance.  Find out more about the Leadership Circle Profile here.
  • Extended Leadership Circle Coaching – 1 to 1 personal and business coaching for 12 to 18 months

Primeast Leader Development Customised Programmes

As the title suggests these are created in partnership with each organisation using a blend of appropriate elements from our Core Programmes with relevant additional content.

The Primeast ELAS™ Development Model – Overview

We have developed the ELAS™ (Engage, Learn, Apply, Sustain) framework to help us effectively work with clients to achieve success. Working in this consultative way throughout the relationship – from the contracting stage through to design, delivery, application in the workplace and evaluation. It has proven to successfully deliver sustainable results for our clients.

Primeast Client Story; Cape plc Senior Leaders and Future Leaders Programmes

“I continue to be amazed by the cultural change that these programmes are engendering within the business.”

– Tony Heath, Director of Group Operational Improvement, Cape plc

Cape plc wished to develop its corporate culture to improve its enviable reputation for delivery capability and enhanced workplace safety. Our brief was to design and deliver programmes for Senior Leaders with potential to become Executive Team members and Future Leaders with potential to become Senior Leaders. The overriding aim to improve leadership effectiveness, concentrating on participant advancement and broadening leaders’ capabilities to carry out their current role for maximum impact and to recognise their part in cultivating substantial organisational growth.

We designed a core curriculum of personal development modules, including facilitation, delivery and organisation services; supported by coaching, to reinforce the achievement of personal stretch objectives. All stakeholders were involved as these programmes needed to work with existing development activities. Agreed deliverables include:

  • Significantly enhance leader capability
  • Culturally develop Cape’s operations globally
  • Underpin people priority areas to support overall business objectives

Other quantifiable outcomes include demonstrable ROI through enhanced earning, the achievement of participants personal objectives, improved promotion prospects and reduced senior leader turnover.

Delivered since 2014, all first cohort participants of the Senior Leaders Development Programme have been promoted within Cape plc, they also contributed to a financially significant corporate project that changed the way Cape operates.

The second cohort of senior leaders continue to support each other and gave enthusiastic feedback about the quality of content and delivery – half the participants were promoted. The programme evolves to reflect the changing needs of the organisation. Participants in the third cohort started in June 2017 continue to positively endorse the programme.

Leadership Effectiveness & Self Awareness

Leadership Effectiveness vs Self Awareness Chart

Benefits and impact of Leader Development

Findings in a major study by the Full Circle Group indicated that there is a strong correlation between leadership effectiveness and self-awareness.

Primeast has a number of Leadership Circle Profile Accredited Practitioners, click here to find out more.




Benefits and Impact of Primeast Leader Development

Primeast Leader Development can provide critical insights and experiences to create strong, positive personal energy. The key lies in creating awareness of the impact each leader has on the people around them – positive and negative – and by offering practical approaches and strategies which can be used immediately.

Building Blocks Diagram

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Jen Usher, Academy Manager, UKAR

Primeast was able to rapidly mobilise to support the design of an event which not only helped us to understand the strengths and development needs of our entire management population, but to do so in a way that was engaging and challenging. They were able to use their existing understanding of our business alongside injecting their range of experience with other companies to ensure we got an effective, fit for purpose solution.