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The Leadership Challenge

As early as 1990 respected thought-leader Peter Senge noted that the ‘collective intelligence and performance’ of leadership teams was generally well below that of the individuals within it. Despite this insight, leadership development has traditionally focused on the improvement of individual capability, yet few organisations have robust strategies in place to develop leaders’ collective capacity.

Many organisations make significant investment in developing leaders yet when those individuals return to work, impact can be slow, low or non-existent. Often there is a mismatch between the new-found individual capability and the collective leadership context into which it is brought – it can be like hitting a brick wall. A wide body of research shows this context is often typified by misalignment and a range of dysfunctional processes and behaviours:

  • Lack of clarity and alignment on purpose, objectives and priorities
  • Overly aggressive advocacy
  • Positional behaviour
  • Ambitious self-interest
  • A mistrust of colleagues
  • Poor listening
  • Withholding information
  • Fear of conflict and the need for consensus
  • Vague decision making
  • Low intra-team accountability

The same research also shows that the development of collective leadership capacity creates higher levels of adaptability and the ability to perform in volatile and unpredictable circumstances.

The Primeast Approach

Primeast Leadership Development focuses on 2 elements that meet current and future challenges.

  1. Leader Development concentrates on developing individuals to become successful, high impact leaders.
  2. Leadership Development focuses on enhancing the collective capacity of leadership teams to create appropriate organisational conditions to realise every performance opportunity.
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Primeast Leadership Development

Primeast Leadership Development

As the circumstances of each leadership team are different we typically take a customised approach to its collective development. We focus on developing alignment alongside strong social and relational practices using a range of dynamic tools and diagnostics including our own PrimeFocus™ framework. Primeast leadership programmes build and leverage:

  • Shared values
  • Collective commitment and accountability
  • Mutual respect, a climate of trust
  • Awareness of self and others
  • Effective influence
  • Critical thinking
  • Service orientation
  • High-performance teamworking
  • Opportunities presented by conflict
  • Internal ‘political’ awareness
  • The power of networks
  • Leading change

Primeast PrimeFocus™

The PrimeFocus™ framework details the 8 interlocking elements that are required in any organisation to deal with VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Changing, Ambiguous) conditions and to deliver outstanding results and sustainable success. The role of any leadership team is to operate systemically and create the right conditions for the elements to thrive:

  • PURPOSE – Clarity and alignment of what the organisation is fundamentally in place to do.
  • VISION – Clarity and alignment to Purpose, including a detailed description of the desired outcomes.
  • ENGAGEMENT – Ongoing communication and involvement of every employee, relevant to their role
  • STRUCTURE – Appropriate strategies, plans, processes, policies and other structures required to realise the Vision and fulfil the Purpose
  • CHARACTER – Appropriate values, culture and behaviours required to realise the Vision and fulfil the Purpose
  • RESULTS – Clear short, mid and long-term measures to track progress against strategy and toward the Vision
  • SUCCESS – Clear short, mid and long-term measures of stakeholder and employee satisfaction and success that are aligned to the Purpose and Vision
  • TALENT – Continually and consistently recognising, valuing, developing and using the individual and collective talents of every employee and stakeholder in the service of realising the Vision and fulfilling the Purpose

For more details about Primeast PrimeFocus™ click here to read “Inspirational Leadership: using PrimeFocus™ to breathe life into high performance” by Clive Wilson.

The Primeast ELAS™ Development Model – Overview

We have developed the ELAS™ (Engage, Learn, Apply, Sustain) framework to help us effectively work with clients to achieve success. Working in this consultative way throughout the relationship – from the contracting stage through to design, delivery, application in the workplace and evaluation. It has proven to successfully deliver sustainable results for our clients.

Primeast Client Story: Google gTech Senior Leadership Immersion Programme

“…an incredible, life changing, career defining program for us. Feedback from every single one of my leadership team is simply incredible. We were touched, excited, tired, inspired all at the same time.”

gTech wanted an experience for a senior leadership team to come together to get clarity on one of their key business drivers – providing outstanding customer service. They had to return to the business with a clear understanding of outstanding customer service and be able to articulate this to the wider business. The team needed to gain a mutual understanding of each other’s strengths and values, as well as facilitating closer, more collaborative, working relationships.

Primeast researched global locations for the programme and gTech chose New Orleans. A city with a rich mix of leadership stories and renowned for its “Southern welcome” and standards of customer service and care. Over 5 days the team visited community projects, charities, businesses and entrepreneurs. All shared their inspiring stories of leadership and how they have impacted the lives of individuals and communities. Throughout, customer service and the concept of providing “care” were examined from many different perspectives. Each day concluded with individual and group reflection and challenge – during which time the leaders had to consider what they had learned and how this would inform their own leadership journey.

The immediate outcome of the programme was a very cohesive team of senior leaders who experienced a personal shift in their own leadership, had a clear and compelling ‘customer service story’ to take back to the business and a thorough understanding of how to bring the concept of service and care to life. Many talked of the transformation they felt.

Leadership Effectiveness & Business Performance

Business Performance Index vs Leadership Effectiveness Chart

Benefits and impact of Leadership Development

Findings in a major study by the Full Circle Group indicated that there is a strong correlation between business performance and collective leadership effectiveness.

Primeast has a number of Leadership Circle Profile Accredited Practitioners, click here to find out more.


Benefits and Impact of Primeast Leadership Development

Primeast Leadership Development enables leadership teams to develop a systemic and holistic approach to how they work, improve the quality of systems thinking by understanding the wider organisation. It also enhances their ability to have courageous dialogue about their collective and individual performance. The result is that this allows them to function effectively as a team, rather than a group of individuals, to create the positive organisational conditions for sustainable high-performance and success to thrive.

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John Redmond, Nuclear Portfolio Director, Cape plc

Since 2010 I have continued to work with Primeast for other needs; participating in their inaugural Future Leaders workshops, which focussed on my personal business impact and subsequently supported by a follow-up series of 1 to 1 coaching sessions. This programme contributed enormously to my own personal career success.  I was promoted from Regional General Manager, through a number of other strategic roles to my current role as Nuclear Portfolio Director. Primeast has also supported me and a close colleague in helping create and deliver a Delivery Manager Development Programme training programme, for which we are both very grateful.