Developing People and Organisations to achieve sustainable performance and growth

  • How well does your business culture support your Purpose and Vision?
  • How do you set up your organisation for success?
  • What are the challenges that could prevent you getting there?
  • How flexibly can your business adapt quickly to unexpected shifts in market dynamics?
  • How prepared are your people for operating in uncertain times?
  • How effectively does your organisation respond to the need for change?

Why we are different

  • We use a mix of proven and cutting-edge methodologies and diagnostics
  • We build your cultural independence so that you ‘own’ your future
  • Over 3 decades of international organisational consulting experience
  • High impact workplace transfer using proprietary methodologies
  • Customised solutions
  • Big enough to deliver and small enough to care about you and your objectives


Primeast areas of expertise

WiN Annual Conference 2019, Jack Gritt, President WiN UK

“I wanted to thank you for your amazing contribution.   The feedback I received on the day from your Solving Complex Problems Through Collaboration workshop was fabulous and positive and I am not sure I have the words to thank you. I don’t underestimate the planning, designing and the challenge of making a dynamic session fit into 1 hour,  so much more dedication than is seen by our delegates on the day!  So my heartfelt thanks for being part of a memorable day and supporting Women in Nuclear and being a change agent in support of how our industry can change, be different, be high performing and be happier.”