At Primeast, we work closely with progressive organisations to make successful change happen.Developing people and organisations to achieve sustainable performance and growth

  • What does your organisation need to look like for success?
  • How aligned are your people to your business Purpose and Vision?
  • What are the challenges and barriers that could stop you getting there?
  • How well equipped are your people and your business to adapt quickly to new scenarios and shifting market dynamics?
  • How do you intend to roll out the changes that address these challenges?

These are important questions in a complex and ever changing environment. At Primeast, we work closely with progressive organisations to make successful change happen. With a focus on engaging people and creating vision alignment, in order to deliver sustainable improvement in your bottom line results, we ensure change is achieved in an inclusive and bespoke way.

It’s important for us to be responsive, adaptable and build a trusted partnership with you and your organisation. We’re outcome focused and use proven methodologies to systematically diagnose, design and facilitate the delivery of sustainable and measurable transformation and performance.

Helping you create your future

Primeast recognises that many organisations face similar issues but each is different and the challenges are unique. Our facilitators and coaches have many years of experience supporting companies with incremental or transformational change challenges.  These include:-

  • Measuring and creating the most appropriate culture to deliver outstanding results
  • Breaking down silo mentality, creating success and collaboration
  • Improving employee engagement and retention to build knowledge and capability
  • Identifying the need for and benefits of change for long term success
  • Overcoming barriers to change by utilising strengths, vision and capabilities
  • Working with senior leaders to identify and strengthen their compelling vision for the business

Our approach

We put people at the heart of our approach to organisational development and change by aligning actions to the Purpose and Vision.  This includes effective leadership, creating a compelling vision and inspiring others to utilise their strengths to deliver that vision. We use a series of methodologies and frameworks, selecting those that are most appropriate to our clients’ situation. These include our diagnostic and planning framework, PrimeFocus. This has as its starting point the need for a compelling purpose to achieve ‘KPI Results’ and ‘Sustainable Success’. At the heart of the PrimeFocus model everything must be aligned to a purpose that is consistent with  stakeholder perspectives.  This acts as a catalyst for the development of a change strategy. We work with you to design the relevant interventions and facilitate the required transformation. To learn more about building a purposeful organisation, read Clive Wilson’s book ‘Designing the Purposeful Organisation’.

In some scenarios we will utilise Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) to deliver cultural diagnostics and value assessment. By measuring current culture, identifying the culture you need and creating a map of how to get there, businesses can affect real change in a deep and meaningful way.

CTT surveys gather valuable information that forms the basis of change initiatives, cultural transformation, diversity interventions, talent management and leadership development. They also help companies understand what motivates their employees and create actionable values that resonate with everyone.

We use other approaches, including the analysis of emotional intelligence, the change curve, ‘traffic lights’, effective communications strategies; and many others. Since we are not prescriptive or inflexible in our approach, we adopt methodologies that best suit our clients’ situation.

Delivering effective change

In order to thrive, organisations need to adapt successfully – something that isn’t easy without expert help.

Primeast is committed to working with organisations to facilitate the necessary change in  the most effective and efficient way possible.

With facilitators around the globe, we deliver bespoke interventions that align with the local context and global organisational needs.

To learn more about how Primeast can help you deliver successful organisational development and change management, please contact us.

Senior Leadership Immersion Programme, Google gTech

Described by the client as “an incredible, life changing, career defining program for us. Feedback from every single one of my leadership team is simply incredible. We were touched, excited, tired, inspired all at the same time.”