Results are achieved when focused, energised and accountable teams work together towards a shared purpose and vision.

Results are achieved when focused, energised and accountable teams work together towards a shared purpose and vision.

Primeast recognises this and has been helping global companies build teams with high levels of collaboration, talent and trust for nearly three decades.

We focus on giving people the tools, skills and knowledge they need to function together. This is set within the context of continuous team development, in order to deliver sustainable business success.

To increase the overall connectedness and engagement of your teams, we begin by introducing you to our key methodologies, such as the PrimeTeams model, and experiential exercises. Each intervention we design is bespoke, and we work to ensure your pain points are addressed efficiently and effectively. This isn’t about providing a temporary solution to your problems; it’s about creating powerful lasting change.

Creating effective teams

When teams stop working together, it can spell trouble for organisations. There are lots of reasons why this happens, from ineffective leadership to personality clashes.

Primeast has experience supporting teams who have suffered from:

  • Dysfunction (poor communication, conflict, low morale/motivation, etc)
  • A lack of alignment to organisational purpose/vision/goals
  • A lack of faith in leadership
  • Staff changes and instability
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • A high pressure environment (deadlines, change, lack of resources etc)
  • A failure to be seen as business critical
  • Difficulty managing global or matrix projects
  • Difficulty working in a remote or virtual way
  • A failure to work effectively in a multi-cultural, multi-generational environment
  • A need for business improvement and increasing speed to competence

We use a combination of methodologies to create a holistic teamwork solution that tackles both the professional and personal challenges associated with working as part of a team. This helps organisations understand the nature of teams so they can set them up for success, as well as giving individuals the tools and skills they need to be team players.


Primeast's PrimeTeams © ModelDesigned by Primeast, PrimeTeams is a step-by-step process that ensures teams are formed and nurtured in the best possible way. It begins by identifying the team purpose and aligning this with strong real-life values. We then work to ensure everyone understands the impact that values, behaviours and cultures can have as a set of benchmarks that govern how a team functions.

PrimeTeams then identifies the internal processes that are important for modern teams, including agreeing objectives, goals or targets, creating effective communication, and building learning into future projects. In the final stages we shine the spotlight on nurturing relationships and creating a growth mindset. Outcomes include a clear action plan for building high performing teams, a checklist for leaders, increased sustainable performance, improved engagement and collaboration, reduced conflict and a more focused, energised and aligned team.

Cross functional teams

To work effectively in a multi-cultural, multi-generational environment, you need to understand the people you have in your teams. What drives them? How do they like to work? What are their social norms?

Questions like these paint a picture of what needs to be done to get the most out of everyone. At Primeast we employ a range of profiling tools that give organisations valuable information about different cultural and generational groups, as well as an individual’s talents/key strengths. Using this data it’s possible to create the right team culture, behaviours and ways of working that actualise your team’s potential.

A virtual approach

Technology has changed the way organisations are formed, and there is now no guarantee that you’ll be working alongside people in the same locale. This presents challenges for businesses, especially when it comes to leadership and collaboration.

Primeast is a global network, with consultants all over the world, so we know what it’s like to work virtually. Using technology, we create a joined-up and consistent experience for global, virtual or remote project teams, allowing us to deliver locally appropriate learning and develop teams using the medium they have to work with.

Sustainable team performance

Teams need to be connected, engaged and able to adapt to change in order to succeed.

Primeast is focused on giving organisations the tools they need to achieve sustainable performance beyond boundaries. With facilitators around the globe, we deliver bespoke interventions that deliver a global message in a local context.

To learn more about how Primeast can help you build successful teams, please contact us.

Wojciech Wroblewski, VP F&M Atlas Copco Industrial Technique AB

I was amazed to see the change in the way the team members interacted during the course of the programme implementation. In fact I wish I had done this earlier, since it would have made mine and my team’s job far, far easier.