The Automotive industry is developing fast in a period of disruption.  Our experience of working in supportive partnership is substantial.

Our depth of experience within the automotive sector is substantial having worked consistently throughout our history with vehicle manufacturers, dealer groups and related supply chain.

Today the sector, like so many others, is experiencing disruptive change at a startling pace.  New technologies are revolutionising design, sales, service and repair practices. Changing customer behaviours require the transformation of long standing custom and process.  Digital technologies are impacting on almost every aspect of commercial activity. Whilst this list is incomplete, it is enough to indicate that leadership and management capability must be at optimum levels if organisations are to capitalise on the opportunities that change brings rather than succumb to the pressures that accompany progress and development.

The question now for organisations in the automotive sector is ‘how do we maintain momentum in this challenging environment?’

The challenge

Businesses must be able to create a service-focused workforce embracing data and new technologies as a means of meeting ever-changing customer expectations, industry best practice, and compliance requirements. This has to be done with local sensitivity and a global vision.

To realise this future, successful organisations will create the right cultures, policies, procedures and, ultimately, purpose and vision.

How we can help

Primeast has been helping organisations become stronger and more resilient for three decades. In 2017 we were joined by Blue Water who brought a 17 year track record of successful management and leadership development in the automotive sector. With a network of facilitators around the world, we’re able to deliver locally appropriate yet globally consistent interventions no matter where you need us.

We can help if you need to:

  • Develop a compelling purpose and vision that will allow you to thrive in the ever changing automotive environment
  • Create learning journeys for leaders and managers
  • Build bespoke management apprenticeships at Levels 3 and 5 to maximise levy funding drawdown in the UK
  • Develop new and effective cultures that promote customer-focused innovation, service and compliance
  • Build corporate social responsibility within your company to ensure green operations and ideas
  • Create exceptional technical and project leadership that is resilient and capable of adapting to change and driving the company forward

Cultivate communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills to ensure teams can perform, successfully collaborate and engage multiple global stakeholders

To find out more about how we can prepare your organisation for the future, please contact us.

Honda (UK), Paul Taylor, Training Operations Manager

“I have participated in many leadership programmes or courses within my 32 year career, without doubt the programme Blue Water have created for Honda is the best of those. It’s about the way leadership ideas are changed into real workplace behaviour, it really makes a difference.”