Organisations in oil, gas and related industries are currently operating in a high pressure environment

Falling oil prices, a drop off in production, reduced financial incentives and a knowledge cliff are causing problems for businesses and making it hard to plan for the future. This is without factoring in health and safety concerns, regulation and the global drive for energy efficiency, which have created challenges for businesses over recent years.

The challenge

To thrive, oil and gas companies need to learn how to operate more efficiently to maximise resources, innovate to secure safe and reliable sources of fuel, attract and retain talent, and ensure they remain compliant.

However, this push and pull between investment and cost saving imperatives means that often something falls by the wayside.

How we can help

Primeast has been working with oil and gas organisations for nearly 30 years to ensure they’re equipped to deal with industry challenges. We have a team of expert facilitators located across the globe, allowing us to deliver bespoke interventions all over the world.

We can help if you need to:

  • Build world-class technical and project leadership within a global context
  • Create efficient and diplomatic intercultural working with the industry and key stakeholders
  • Develop communication and interpersonal skills within teams to ensure they have everything they need to work together effectively
  • Establish sustainable policies, procedures and frameworks to make sure goals are achieved
  • Create learning cultures that facilitate ongoing innovation, using proper induction and onboarding programmes, coaching, mentoring and consulting

To find out more about how we can prepare your organisation for the future, please contact us.

Alex Spence, HR Director, Cape plc

Our Cape People values of capability, opportunity and commitment are being embedded with the opportunity for all staff to work out how to bring them alive in the work they do for the business. CAPEability equips our senior team to make the most of this opportunity as it plays out in the services they lead for our customers.