The global recession threw the spotlight on the financial services industry, and increased political and regulatory scrutiny for organisations

Financial Services companies now operate in a new, challenging environment that requires a change in both strategy and operations. Technological advances are also putting pressure on businesses, with Fintech startups creating disruption within the sector as they move from the periphery into mainstream services. Survival will require the creation of new ecosystems, effective leadership and strategic direction, and the ability to attract skills. However, many organisations aren’t prepared and a lack of graduates moving up through the STEM pathway makes future-proofing an uphill struggle.

The challenge

The financial services industry must now focus on creating effective organisational change. However, change programmes come with significant risk if not done correctly. Companies need to ensure that any plans for transformation engage all stakeholders, with everyone sharing in the vision. Exceptional communication is needed at all levels and strong leadership will be required in order to roll out and sustain change.

To deal with talent shortages, organisations will also need to be smart when it comes to skills. Knowledge transfer, retention and cultivation will be vital if firms are to maximise existing resources and ensure everyone is adding value.

How we can help

Using our three decades of experience in organisational development and change, leadership and teamwork, Primeast can help your financial services company adapt to current sector challenges. We deliver interventions around the world, drawing on our global network of expert facilitators, to ensure local relevance but macro consistency.

We can help if you need to:-

  • Identify a shared organisational purpose that will help to drive your company forward in the new financial services climate
  • Design and successfully rollout a change management programme, taking into account both operational and emotional challenges
  • Develop resilient leadership that is capable of delivering both technical and project work
  • Create a culture that encourages innovation, learning and development
  • Ensure employees are sensitive to and compliant with regulatory frameworks
  • Develop strong communication and interpersonal skills among teams to facilitate collaboration with multiple stakeholders

To find out more about how we can prepare your organisation for the future, please contact us.

Jen Usher, Academy Manager, UKAR

Primeast was able to rapidly mobilise to support the design of an event which not only helped us to understand the strengths and development needs of our entire management population, but to do so in a way that was engaging and challenging. They were able to use their existing understanding of our business alongside injecting their range of experience with other companies to ensure we got an effective, fit for purpose solution.