The professional service landscape has changed dramatically in recent years

Not only are companies tightening budgets, but we now live in an age of platform capitalism, in which organisations are connected to freelancers, consultants and independent providers through a web-enabled marketplace. Consequently, those operating in the traditional service business space have seen their competition grow in number, change in nature and lure their talent away into more flexible, autonomous and often lucrative ways of working.

The challenge

To compete in a saturated marketplace in which opportunities are shrinking, professional service firms need to learn how to work with a diverse and new mix of stakeholders, while creating strong USPs that attract business. The days of holding a monopoly over a client are gone and organisations will increasingly have to collaborate with competitors in order to offer the services companies need.

This places demands not only on the ability of professional service firms to work successfully as part of multi-faceted, culturally varied teams, but also their capacity for innovation, customer relationship building and operating in a lean, efficient way.

How we can help

Primeast has three decades of experience working with global organisations to help them achieve sustainable success. We’re a professional service business ourselves and with trained facilitators located around the world, we deliver bespoke interventions that are specifically targeted to address the challenges our clients face at both a macro and micro level.

We can help if you need to:-

  • Create a culture of innovation that generates new ideas and improved service for clients
  • Identify a unique and compelling purpose and USP, to which all are aligned
  • Develop communication and interpersonal skills to ensure everyone is capable of working collaboratively as part of a diverse team made up of multiple stakeholders
  • Build world-class technical and project leadership within a global context
  • Liberate talent to maximise output and performance

To find out more about how we can prepare your organisation for the future, please contact us.

What our associates say about working with Primeast, Kalman Green, Primeast Associate, North America

“After seven years of working with Primeast as a consultant, I have decided to retire. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Primeast and most of all, really enjoyed the relationships I established with so many. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be Primeast’s ambassador by way of facilitating a variety of courses.  In my 33 years in this field, no consulting organization has come close to Primeast in terms of support, responsiveness and care for their associates. My overall values were in sync with Primeast’s and that helped make the work for me so meaningful and fulfilling. I wish you all well and that Primeast continues to have positive impacts on people’s lives and continues to help organizations to flourish.”