We live in the golden age of technology, media and telecoms, but headline successes hide many of the challenges

Over the past decade the world has been transformed by the rise of the digital marketplace, innovation in communication methods and the proliferation of social media, which brings increased connectivity to what’s going on around us. However, the headline successes in the technology, media and telecoms sector hide the challenges for organisations operating within it.

The industry is heavily saturated, making it harder and harder for companies to make their mark. What’s more, the fast pace of innovation means that what works one month simply doesn’t the next. Staying relevant and effective isn’t easy; a state of affairs that is compounded by a skills shortage and gender imbalance.

The challenge

Organisations in the technology, media and telecoms sector need to be agile, built on cultures of innovation, avid knowledge seekers and passionate talent liberators if they’re to stand out from the crowd.

However, this often requires a mindset change, new ways of working and a refocus on what a company is trying to achieve. This is all set against a backdrop of pressure for new product releases, looming service delivery deadlines and increased competition for skills.

How we can help

Primeast has expert facilitators around the globe specialising in leadership, teamwork and organisational development and change. We spend time understanding your challenges in order to design bespoke interventions that help you achieve sustainable performance.

We can help if you need to:

  • Identify a compelling purpose that is a reflection of all stakeholders, creates an edge in the market and inspires performance
  • Develop effective technical and project leadership for a fast-moving, global environment
  • Build a culture of innovation that fundamentally alters attitudes, ways of working, policies and procedures
  • Create a learning environment that not only encourages knowledge development and share, but liberates existing talent to allow them to add maximum value
  • Cultivate world-class interpersonal and communication skills among stakeholders to enable them to collaborate effectively with internal/external/remote/virtual teams

To find out more about how we can prepare your organisation for the future, please contact us.

Daniel Grimes, JFMG Business Manager, Arqiva

This has been the best course ever: it has only been a few weeks but the impact it has had on me and my team has been massive. We are all bought in to the new way of working, the team are empowered and taking on new work, and I have time in my diary to be able to coach, train and help new starters.